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About SHFT

  • No. SHFT is a new service where you subscribe to a car. Unlike leasing you don't tie up to a deal that lasts for several years, and you are not tied up to a specific car. In addition, SHFT don't demand any capital upfront.
  • No. Car sharing services cover for the most part only short time rental, like days or weeks. In comparison car sharing is also more expensive over a longer perspective. With SHFT you will get your own car, as long as you want it.
  • Subscription means a recurring service. The subscription will renew automatically every month (30 days), and can be ended whenever you prefer.
  • The prices in SHFT reflects what it actually costs to have a car each month. If we brake apart the price, it includes costs related to insurance, taxes, service and tire change with tire hotell. Even the most expensive part of having a car is included - depreciation. We don't demand a pile of cash upfront, or prepaid rent that you loose as with leasing. For some cars, loans or leasing will be beneficial, while for others it will pay off with a car subscription. SHFT gives you as a customer complete transparency and predictability. Included in the price is also the freedom that SHFT gives you, namely the freedom to have a car when and how it suits you.
  • SHFT is available in several cities and areas, and several locations are added continuously.


The Subscription agreement

  • Yes. You only pay per month (30 days). The subscription can be terminated before the next period begins. Otherwise, the subscription runs as long as you want.
  • Casualties, liability and accident insurance are included in the SHFT order. The insurance covers:
    • All drivers at the age of 20 to 65 with a driving license who live in the same household.
    • Maximum deductible 900€.
    • Replacement vehicle during maintenance and repairs.
  • All members of the household with a driver's license aged 20 to 65.
  • The deductible is the part you have to pay yourself in case of damage.
    • Maximum amount is 900€.
  • Yes. You can change car before the next period of your subscription begins.
  • No. You have your car for at least one month. If you want to change car after that, you can.
  • No. If you do not need a car for a period of time, you cancel your subscription and start a new subscription when you need a car again. The type of cars you can choose from when starting a new subscription depends on the availability of SHFT.

The use of SHFT

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